More Cowbell, a tribute to SNL (10-14 yrs)

More Cowbell is a class combining the crafts of improv comedy, sketch comedy and stand up comedy.

It is a tribute to Saturday Night Live for a new generation.

Improv Comedy:  This class will teach the basics of improvisation which will help to develop the student’s listening skills, creativity, imagination, teamwork and ability to live in the moment.  Without the use of any props or costumes, the children will create characters and worlds for those characters to live in as they build a scene out of collaboration as an ensemble.   The skills of improvisation are invaluable not only in a performance setting but also in the real world!

Sketch Comedy:  The class will also teach the foundation for sketch writing.  Children can choose to write and/or perform sketches.

Stand-Up Comedy:  This class is for creative, funny children who have shown a talent for seeing the funny side of life.  Maybe they’re the master of the one-liner or they are the class clown.  This class will teach them the rules of stand up comedy writing and performing in a fun, safe and supportive environment.  The class will provide a wonderfully safe community where the children can be completely themselves.  Their unique perspective on life is where the hilariously funny material comes from.

The children will share what they have learned for family and friends at the end of the session.