Drumming ‘n’ Strumming (18 mths-3 yrs/2-4 yrs)

This class is a music class for children who LOVE drums and guitars!  We will encourage that obsession by teaching the children about drums and guitar through music, art, dance and drama.

The class was inspired by my son Leo (now 6 years old)  We bought him a guitar for his 2nd birthday and he spent up to an hour a day playing his guitar while singing his ABC song, Old MacDonald and Twinkle Twinkle.

He strummed with his right hand and moved his left hand up and down the guitar as he knew that something should happen with the left hand.

One day, while watching him, I thought “wouldn’t it be great if there was a class where Leo could take his guitar and get to play in a jam session with other children his age?”

So here it is.

The class will include the following elements:

  • learning the different parts of the guitar;
  • learning the names of the strings using a program called “Noteimals” (click here to learn more about Noteimals);
  • learning note values and rhythms through the use of drums and percussion instruments;
  • learning to read notes (the Noteimals program turns the music notes into animals so it is an incredibly child-friendly and age-appropriate way to learn to read music)
  • learning music terminology; and
  • introducing the children to a wide repertoire of guitar music.

All of the elements will be reinforced through music, art, dance and drama.  For example, each class will include a brief art portion where the children will paint something that they have learned about in class that day.  For our first class, they will be painting a “Yellow Submarine” after strumming their guitars to the song earlier in class.

The goal of the class is to encourage a life-long love of music and to lay a strong foundation for when a child is ready to start private guitar lessons.

The class is dedicated to Leo and other mini rock-stars in the making who would love a place to come and jam with their friends.

We recommend that children bring their own guitar to class but we do have spare guitars at the studio.  When you register for the class, we will send you a link to the guitar Leo owns and loves.  You provide the rock star.