Sally is the daughter of parents who met while ballroom dancing almost 50 years ago.

She is originally from England and moved to New York in 1994.  She started taking ballroom and latin dance lessons when she moved to New York and started to compete.

Sally is the very proud mother of Eva (13, Francesca (11) and Leo (6) who have inherited her love of dance, music and comedy!

Sally plays piano. She has taught piano to children and adults in the UK and in New York.

She trained as a stand-up comic at the American Comedy Institute in New York and has performed at many New York comedy clubs including Caroline’s, Stand Up New York! and Gotham Comedy Club.   She is currently taking classes at the People’s Improv Theater in New York and working on a one-woman show.

She is the founder of  “Stand Up, Mama!” ( a coaching resource for mothers who have been inspired by motherhood to figure out what they really want to do with their lives and what is holding them back.

Sally founded Bailemos-Let’s Dance (an early childhood Latin Dance and Spanish language program in September 2005).

In 2008, she founded The Creative Groove Studio, LLC.  The goal with the Creative Groove Studio is to create a space where children are introduced to an array of creative activities – music, dance, art, drama and more – and encouraged to express themselves creatively.

We want to make sure that No Creativity is Left Behind!!

Creative Groove Studio – where creativity rocks!

The Creative Groove Studio is a space in Hoboken where creativity is celebrated, encouraged and explored.   As parents, Sally and her husband, Oscar, strongly believe that creativity is vital to a child’s development, self-expression and self-esteem.   They are the parents of three very creative children and they see the sheer joy their children experience when singing, dancing, drawing or painting.

Nowadays, there is such a strong emphasis placed on academics often at the expense of creative outlets.   At the Creative Groove Studio, we believe that children need to be children and creativity is a natural and vital part of childhood.

We will be offering classes in music, dance, art, creative writing, illustration, pre-school piano and guitar and stand-up comedy.

We value your input so please let us know what you would like to see for your children.

!Bailemos – Let’s Dance!

!Bailemos-Let’s Dance! was founded in September 2005 with just one Saturday class per week.   We are incredibly grateful to the families who have supported us during the past seven years and especially to those who have been taking classes with us since that very first session.

In our house, we play a lot of latin and ballroom music and the idea for !Bailemos – Let’s Dance! came from watching how instinctively and rhythmically our daughters and son responded to the music they heard.  Their attitude, moves and energy were completely different if they heard a salsa than if they heard a foxtrot.  And the drama always showed in their attitude when they heard a tango!   What they all demonstrated when they heard music (especially latin dance music) was a very natural and enthusiastic interpretation of what the music said to them.  They were so genuinely excited to hear the music and couldn’t help but dance!

!Bailemos – Let’s Dance! was initially conceived as simply a latin dance and music class for young children to share our love of Latin music with other families.   However, as we searched for music and planned the classes, it occurred to us that this might be a wonderful opportunity to introduce very young children to a second language (Spanish) while they enjoyed and danced to the universal language of music.The response of both children and parents has been very enthusiastic and extremely encouraging.  As teachers, we wanted this to be a stimulating learning environment but, as parents who have almost earned a PhD in Mommy and Me classes with our two girls, we also wanted it to be a class that was fun for both the child and the parent or caregiver.  A class that would follow you home as you danced together in your living room.

We are happy to say that parents and caregivers seem to be having almost as much fun as their children!   The most gratifying comments we receive from parents are when they tell us that they now salsa at home before dinner or that their daughter started counting in Spanish in the bathtub or that their son counts in Spanish as he climbs the stairs at night.

This is what we hoped for – that a love of latin music and Spanish language would be planted.  The big hugs from former students and many little friends we meet in the Shipyard Park, Starbucks or on Washington Street are a wonderful bonus!

We hope that you will choose to join us for one of our classes.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 201.243.7557 or e-mail us at